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No infrastructure needed, no limits for imagination

It can instantly assemble with other units into a building then disassemble leaving no track.

Controlled by an app!

Full automation | Personalized app | Automatic bolting system



Design and position through the designated app

Stacks one Hover Home every 3 minutes

Locate on an integrated map

One click command

Unlimited design configuration

Linear   |  Perpendicular  |   Intersection



Superior stability 

Unique design

Maximum functionality


We have some ready designs for you!
disaster-relief-cover- 02.jpg

Hostels & dorms

A new approach for the hospitality.

With this solution, any land owner can start their new hospitality business.
Universities can also provide housing on campus for additional number of students for a very competitve cost.

Emergency Response

An automated emergency base. 

Use our designated app to design a base according to the urgent need, locate it on the map, and order it to be built automatically. 

Personal housing.jpg

Hospital on demand

In case of emergency and uncertainty, a room for one more patient is always available

As we know, during hard times when we lack space to host patients, an immediate solution is needed. This hospital saves lives, and can be easily transferred to different epidemic locations.

The interior shell is very easy to be cleaned and disinfected, and the exterior is tough and can withstand rough transport and constant moving.

Custom personal house

Design and build your house in 6 days!

Ability to customize several units and combine in together, allows you to easily build your dream home or creativity garage. You can also easily modify and add rooms in the future!

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