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Everything you need in a simple hexagon

HoverCity sets a new benchmark for brands and organizations, offering limitless module configurations and vertical stackability for an unprecedented experience—an industry-first.

We're revolutionizing conventional event structures, moving away from steel crates and trailers, embracing beauty, and fostering innovation, all while maintaining competitive pricing.


Short-Term Hospitality Experience

Penthouse vibes?
No thanks.
Drop a HoverHaus on a mountain top if you're looking to, literally,  elevate the standard of living for your guests.  

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Disaster Response and Military Aid

These multi-functional, rapid, and cost-efficient shelters provide immediate relief during disasters, act as essential command centers for first responders, and offer adaptable facilities for military operations. From providing temporary housing to serving as medical centers or logistics bases, our shelters ensure swift deployment and versatile usage, addressing various scenarios while optimizing resource allocation and effectiveness across different sectors.



Experiential Marketing and Events

Designed to transcend conventional boundaries, the HoverHaus allows for seamless transformations tailored to specific brand narratives and event themes. From product launches that defy the ordinary to interactive brand experiences that leave lasting impressions, the HoverHaus offers an unparalleled stage for creativity and engagement.

Got More Cool Ideas?

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