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The world's first dynamic city with zero foot-print! 
The world's first flying city is coming to Texas, and you have the chance of becoming one of the first residents!

Got a unique product or service that is both innovative and sustainable? 

Apply today for the chance of having an office by next April! 

Yes, we will fly soon!

Futuristic  |    Sustainable      |    Dynamic

Agile real-estate has never been done before. With the world moving into more digitalization and remote, fixed location slows down economic growth and puts businesses and individuals at high risk due to extreme uncertainty of the future.

Hover City can adapt, shapeshift according to necessity, and move following prosperity wherever it is.

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it is sustainable!

Fully off-grid  |  integrated solar system  |  rainwater filtration 

Each unit operates autonomously. This allows it to be free, no relying on neighbors units, or on the grid.  It gives you an incredible flexible to pick a location, or even keep moving your space whenever desired and according to necessity.

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and also Modular!

Designed to fit  |   Possibility to scale up   | unlimited configurations

One of the biggest obstacle for up and going businesses is the affability of the space and it's strategic location. At Hover City, you can start with as small as one unit, then when business grows, you can request a space extension.


You order, and within 30 days you have it! 

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The future is in the sky
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