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What is the delivery process?

We handle everything and the prices all include delivery and set-up. We can deliver via helicopter or via freight. We will work with you to figure out the best plan.


What if I would rather it be delivered via road /freight?

We do that too. Our units are light-weight so it doesn’t require as big of a crane to lift if we are stacking.

Do you provide custom branding?

The units can be made using a smart glass that will allow your design team to create a dynamic, interactive brand experience. If you prefer to take this digital branding route, our team will work with you to deliver your brand vision. There is also an opportunity for your team to customize on-site. 


Do you customize the unis?

We’re happy to discuss any of your customization needs. We are setup to add on desks, beds, refrigerators, sinks, microwaves, stoves, showers, composting toilets, heaters, display shelves, custom glass (smart glass) and more.


Does the price include the delivery and pickup of the units?

Yes – we pride ourselves on handling it all so that you’re not hit with hidden costs. You can choose helicopter or freight for delivery.

Do you handle permitting?

We will assist you in figuring out the permitting needs of your area.


How do you get from a lower unit up to a higher unit?

There are transitional units with staircases and elevators systems.


Why are your prices so low?

Our technology eliminates costly factors like on-site construction labor and heavy-weight lifting/stacking solutions. Our end goal is to work toward a sustainable future where no existing infrastructure is needed to build a community.

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